Bill Fernandez Design
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Bill Fernandez is a User Interface Architect with a proven track record of designing innovative and intuitive user interfaces for a wide variety of products. Bill offers the following services to help you create products that are as usable, engaging and successful as possible:

Strategic Consulting
Clarify, integrate and validate your mission, goals and plans. Develop a clear and sensible roadmap to success.

Concept Development
Develop innovative concepts for new products and features, give shape and form to latent ideas, explore alternative approaches, visualize the future.

Expert Review
Expert user interface evaluations of proposed and existing software and hardware products.

User Interface and Information Design
From tactical fixes to comprehensive architectures. From web applications and traditional GUI-based software to command line interfaces.


"Bill Fernandez is a world-class user interface designer and software architect.... The results far surpassed our highest expectations."
Jim Dvorkin

"We recommend Mr. Fernandez without qualification, both as a designer and a strategic consultant, for international technology design projects."
Dr. Ardawan Lalui





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